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{August 17, 2011}   BB Cream in Cebu

It’s funny that I’m starting this blog with a BB cream thought. I originally planned on writing about ESL in Cebu for my first article here (I thought it’s the main reason they are coming here). But while thinking in front of the computer on my desk, I caught a glimpse of my cosmetics and decided that, yes, why not? I can start with this one: the two BB cream brands I’ve tried.


I’m not really very much into cosmetics but curiosity got me to buy the one below more than a year ago from FACESHOP in SM Cebu. What I like about this one is that it’s good for those with oily skin like me since it’s formulated oil-free.

Blemish Balm (Oil-Free)

A Japanese friend who’s been to Korea introduced a different brand to me and my friends, and we tried the other one below , which we ordered straight from someone in Korea coming to Cebu (personally delivered ^^).

BB Cream from Etude House

It’s from Etude House and it has this glossy and shimmery effect when you put it on. It fits my friend’s skin type perfectly, but not to mine, unfortunately. But I think I can still check out other types of BB cream in the malls because there is a growing number of korean cosmetic shops in Cebu. Etude House is now in SM Cebu while FACESHOP and Skin Food are in both SM and Ayala.

The first problem though that you will encounter is to find the right shade for you. The thing is, despite its growing popularity in our area, there aren’t many varieties sold or available yet. But it’s no wonder because I read some blogs on cosmetics and learned that BB cream is not even that widely-used yet in America. Maybe sooner or later it will be because products like Maybelline are now starting to market BB creams as well at a cheaper price.

BB Cream was originally created in Germany as blemish balm for those who just had surgery. Later it was adapted in the world of cosmetics with Koreans to first use it. And now that there are thousands of these people in Cebu, Cebuanos have started to notice BB cream. Who wouldn’t after seeing their flawless make up?


enzo says:

anything to whiten this dark skin o’ mine? 🙂
dropping by to make your day maya…

thanks for dropping by renz. if you want whitening, this BB cream is not for you. Try the natural way instead. have honey, lemon and milk powder twice a week or even daily. it will also free you from excess oil on your face. you know, an oily look can make you look darker. have tried already. it works. hehhee.

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